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4. Return plastic bar cups

Those cute cups you get from Soggy Dollar Bar and Cooper Island Brewery…do they stack up in the corner then end up in the trash? You can return them for reuse, even if you haven't had the chance to clean them up.

Even better: Provide insulated tumblers for guests to use and bring ashore. And avoid single-use plastic cups.

Make the switch

Returning cups is easy! If you also wish to provide insulated tumblers for your guests, see below.

Locally: Corckcicle and Yeti tumblers (Caribbean Surf Co STT). Polar tumblers (My Brother’s Workshop STT).

Other: Local youth outreach organization My Brother’s Workshop offers tumbler engraving services. Get your stainless steel tumblers engraved, starting at $10 each (price may vary). Or purchase a 20oz Polar tumbler with custom engraving ($15.65 each, may vary). Proceeds go toward mentoring, educating, and employing local at-risk youth. This is a win-win-win!

*Know another option we should mention here? Let us know!